Message to Self: Stop Complaining. Start Doing.

Time passes so quickly. April 2nd was my last post. 19 days ago…and here I thought it was at most 2 weeks…but it is two days shy of three.

I’ve been Overtired. Overwhelmed. Overextended. What does this lead to? Neglecting things like my email that is nearing 1,000 messages unread…writing, exercising, and eating healthy.

I tried to run a couple times over the last few weeks but it was such an effort I felt discouraged. Here I am for the umpteenth time starting over. And there are my running buddies up north training for a half marathon, putting in the work despite the weather, and getting it done. That used to be me. What happened?

I’m trying to analyze it…but basically at the end of the day what it comes down to is choices. I chose to back off, to let things slide, and to let my situation get the best of me.  We all have challenges, situations, life happens.

So, I’m going to put aside the work situation, the home situation, the personal situation, the weight gain. Today…I will go do the things I’m scheduled to do and then I’m going out for some fresh air and sunshine. I’m going to lace up my running shoes and start over. Again.

Message to Self: Stop complaining. Start doing.

#forwardrevolutions #noregrets


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