Wow – It’s Been A While

Wow…so it’s been a while…where did the time go? I have barely worked out in weeks. My motivation is down, I got sick with a cough/virus, and I’m struggling.

Some days I’m up…some days I’m down…but I’m still grateful. I’ve made mistakes…but I’ve also made some good decisions. Moving was a good decision. Do I like what I see posted by some people on Facebook? No. Should I let it bring me down? No. Then why do I let it get to me? Why do some person’s words have so much power over me? Because I let it.

I’m going to try to get some exercise in today…I made a decision that has negatively impacted my mood – that is checking something I should have not checked…and I’m trying to rebound from that. It’s hard. When someone tries to paint a picture of you…and you don’t remember it that way, or see it that way, it is frustrating and disheartening.

This self-imposed negativity IS NOT serving any reasonable purpose and I need to STOP it.

Here is the promise, I’m going to try harder.

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