Another Unexpected Ride

Had another unexpected ride a little over a week ago. Today I’m taking a ride up north to see a Cardiologist.

Got home…everything was normal…just exhausted as usual. Out of nowhere my heart started beating fast. I felt weird. I tried to sit down. That didn’t work. Tried to lay down…that made me feel worse. My brain wasn’t working really well but I finally figured out how to bring up Samsung Health app to check my heart rate. It didn’t go down…and kept climbing for an hour. I called the advice line for my insurance and the doctor said, “hang up and call 911”. So I did.

When the emergency personnel got here my heart rate sitting quietly in a chair was 215. So they loaded me up and gave me an injection to slow it down. Got to the hospital, saw the doctor and a few hours later was sent home. Saw my primary care doctor a couple days later, had a few more tests, and now I’m heading up North today to see a Cardiologist.

I have had little exercise over the last week. Not on purpose – just busy and tired. I was told not to run though. Hoping to have an answer as to why I’ve had two ambulance rides in two months. Hoping to some day be able to exercise like “normal” people and not feel so wiped out and out of breath. I can’t believe I went from participating in half marathons to being out of breath mopping my floor. Thirty pounds heavier too since two years ago.

I’ve had some days I’ve been afraid. Scared of dying. Don’t want to leave N. He won’t remember me. He’s not even 5 yet.

Hoping for the best and looking forward to being out there running again soon.

#forwardrevolutions #noregrets

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