Beyond Frustrated

B took the day off. I rescheduled all my appointments and took the day off. Got headed up North and the doctor’s office called because the doctor had an emergency and had to reschedule. No other doctor can see me because this one specializes in these things I guess.

I feel like garbage. Tired. My heart pounds when I lay down. My brain isn’t working. I can’t think. Then I wonder is it all in my head?

The earliest they can fit me in is the 24th. I called the advice nurse line after I got back to ask what to do. I can’t keep taking this medication that makes me dizzy. She wanted to send a message for my primary doctor. I don’t find this primary doctor to be helpful. My insurance changes on Sept 1st and I will need all new doctors. So I don’t see the point of trying to change now.

No call back yet either. Not surprised. My primary doctor doesn’t respond to my messages.

This is a messed up system.

I am frustrated.

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