I Am Trying But Losing Patience

During the week I am often too busy to feel much other than the weight of the day. Today is Saturday and I can feel the crushing weight of my sadness right in the center of my chest.

Not sure how to fix myself. Usually sleep is the answer…but I’m not tired.

I am reading a book on self care when I can. But I don’t get a whole lot of downtime. And sometimes when I do…I can’t focus on reading.

I have been successful with my plan to exercise. Not so successful with doing the 15-15-15 I thought about. I have only taken a couple days completely off from exercise in September. So at least I have achieved some progress there. I have not run much which made me sad today when I thought about it. It is the 8th of September. Hard to get ready for a 5k by the end of November.

I’m fat. I’m eating crap.

I hate that I am here again. Fat, out of shape, and depressed. Everything is hard. Everything.

Today’s remedy: try to watch the recorded livestream of DMB from the Gorge I missed because I fell asleep.

#noregrets #forwardrevolutions


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