It’s been pouring all day here in VA.

Update – I’ve been scrambling to find a Biology class to take so I can enter a Masters degree program in the fall…I got conditionally accepted. Exciting and terrifying.

I had a job interview. I don’t feel I did my best. Looking at the positives: it was good practice, I learned something, and I still have a job I like.

I got released by the cardiologist. He prescribed me a year’s worth of blood pressure medicine and told me to follow up with my primary. No more pounding heart, no more palpitations, no more shortness of breath, no more feeling my heartbeat in my neck and head. The ablation fixed a problem I have had for a long time that I didn’t know was a problem. I just thought it was “normal” to feel that way…until of course I passed out. But it’s all good now.

I have started exercising consistently and I get out for a run/walk 2 – 3 times a week. That is progress. And knock on wood I have not gotten sick yet!

Still finding some days harder than others…but I had two really good days which were a relief. Riding that wave through the bad to get to the good ones and enjoying them. No questioning why or what – just living in them.

I opened a notepad document to vent all my terrible self talk. I type the worst things about myself, my thoughts, get them out, and hopefully over time they stop spiraling in my head.

I gave someone an assignment…I said for everything negative you say about yourself I want you to say something positive. I think I’ll do the same.

I’m fat >>> I have food to eat and I can make healthy choices

I can’t run fast or far >>> I can run, I can walk, I have two legs that move and carry me miles when I want them to

I look old and unhealthy >>> I have had some really good experiences

I am an idiot >>> I make mistakes because I’m living

Thinking about spring and fresh starts and new beginnings…

#noregrets #forwardrevolutions


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