Lemon Water

I’m not sure how often I’ll write here…but I feel like it today so here I am. I rode 30 half-assed minutes on my Spin bike today. Some days you just have to go through the motions and do the best you can. Every workout can’t be a great one.

My subscription to the Aaptiv app renewed recently and I wouldn’t have made it through without it. Having someone pick the playlist and talk to me really works – for me anyway. I can’t afford an in-person trainer so this is the next best thing. After that I did 30 minutes of strength with my TRX. I love the TRX. I am so happy it is finally mounted and I can use it. I really saw results using it a few years ago…so we will see if it helps now.

I’ve been drinking lemon water 5 days a week. Not sure if the rumors are true. If it is myth or truth. But I have been sick less…I have also not been running much. So not sure which one it is – lemon water or not running. Drinking lemon water – in my mind – is helping me so at the very least it gives me a feeling of accomplishment and success at doing something healthy. So I’m going to keep at it.

It’s getting dark here…I really wanted to go through some of my clothes and do that brings me joy thing…because trying to cram several sizes of clothes in my dresser drawers is NOT bringing me joy.

Here’s the thing. I hung on to all my larger sized clothes for over a year. I stayed thinner and finally decided ok…it’s gonna stick. As soon as they were gone…the pounds started going back on. My life change dramatically and I didn’t keep up the rigid workout schedule and food intake that allowed me to keep the pounds off. A couple years have passed. I don’t see myself or feel myself making that same commitment. So I’m going to get rid of what I don’t love. Wouldn’t it be great if I get rid of the small clothes and it works the same? Not holding my breath on that one.

What I need and want to do right now is accept my size and weight. I need to come to terms with it and not hate myself for it. I need to look at myself and not feel disgusted. The smaller clothes are bringing me negative thoughts and feelings. I won’t get rid of all of them…just the ones that don’t bring me joy.

So here goes…….purging more bad energy and drinking lemon water.

#forwardrevolutions #noregrets

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