Hi! I’m Linda otherwise know to my kids as: LJP. I am originally from Stockbridge, MA and now make my home in Virginia.

I’m a runner on the Berkshires Trails¬†and a Wellcoaches Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

So here is part of my story. I grew up a thin person who could eat whatever she wanted and not gain weight. Until….I turned 30, got really depressed, ended up on medication and started packing on the pounds. Throughout my 30s and early 40s I trying to make ends meet while raising my two children. I got caught up in the “buy one get two free” deals…and as you can guess – those are not really very healthy deals. So I packed on more weight.

I felt like I had read every book, tried many diets and exercise routines but nothing stuck and nothing worked. I had metabolic syndrome – high cholesterol, obesity, high blood pressure, and I was nearing 200lbs. I was getting slower and from my shape, many people assumed I was pregnant.

In December 2012, I leaned over to let my dog outside and my back went out. I thought I’d try a Chiropractor. Well…I went there and he said “you are too young to be having all these problems. I want you to read two books: The Blood Sugar Solution and Wheat Belly.”

After I read the books I went on the read “The Ultramind Solution”. Then I got to work creating my own plan for exercise, diet, and vitamins. I started to lose weight but could not get my cholesterol down or my other numbers in line. My blood glucose was still borderline. To make it worse, I ended up in the hospital in April 2013 with heart attack symptoms. After a few weeks and many tests, I was cleared to exercise. No reason was ever found.

I started walking at the local high school track. I had always wanted to run but always said “I can’t run.” I would try and it never got easier so I gave up. But I decided to try it again. I ran 1/4 then walked the rest of the lap. Each time trying to go just a little further. Within a few weeks I was not only able to run one full lap – but I ran four! I was so excited but so sore. I was getting discouraged fast.

Then my co-worker said, “do this one mile run with me in June.” So I agreed to run The Green Mile. There I met my co-worker’s friend who said to me the words I’ll never forget. He said, “I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Running is hard and it hurts.” I was always getting stuck on how easy it looked when I would pass a runner. They looked great! Strong. Happy. But that secret…that was when it clicked for me. It would never get “easier” – and that’s the beauty of it. You just keep pushing and getting better. Easy is a relative term.

I can run farther now than I could then…but the effort is the same – just on a different level.

Some days I want to run. Other days I don’t. Some runs suck. And some runs are amazing. Chasing the good ones – that’s what gets me out there.

In May of 2014 I joined the BHS/Canyon Ranch Institute Life Enhancement Program and it also changed my life. Three months after I completed the program, my cholesterol had dropped 42 points. I made three small changes. That was it. I was on my way to health.

In September of 2015 I started a remote training program to be a Wellness Coach. After 9 months of training, and several pretty difficult tests, I became a Wellcoaches Certified Health and Wellness Coach in June 2016.

This is my ongoing journey…or struggle – but journey sounds more positive. #noregrets