Where I Stand

Yesterday, I was hit hard by the reality of where I stand. It’s not different from the past. I’m here again. Wondering where is the lesson.?Most days I sit saying to myself…when will I have learned enough? When can things ease up? When…. Well, I stumbled upon some information that wasn’t necessarily meant for me … More Where I Stand

Beyond Frustrated

B took the day off. I rescheduled all my appointments and took the day off. Got headed up North and the doctor’s office called because the doctor had an emergency and had to reschedule. No other doctor can see me because this one specializes in these things I guess. I feel like garbage. Tired. My … More Beyond Frustrated

Not Keeping Up

I’m not keeping up with anything. I go to work, get N at daycare, go home, do nothing. I want to sleep all the time. I don’t want to get up in the morning. This is hanging on a little longer than I had hoped it would. Managed to get a workout in today. Thirty … More Not Keeping Up

Message to Self: Stop Complaining. Start Doing.

Time passes so quickly. April 2nd was my last post. 19 days ago…and here I thought it was at most 2 weeks…but it is two days shy of three. I’ve been Overtired. Overwhelmed. Overextended. What does this lead to? Neglecting things like my email that is nearing 1,000 messages unread…writing, exercising, and eating healthy. I … More Message to Self: Stop Complaining. Start Doing.