It’s been pouring all day here in VA. Update – I’ve been scrambling to find a Biology class to take so I can enter a Masters degree program in the fall…I got conditionally accepted. Exciting and terrifying. I had a job interview. I don’t feel I did my best. Looking at the positives: it was … More Spring

New Beginnings

So it has been since September. Wow! I haven’t written here since September? A lot has happened. The new roof is on…the deck still isn’t fixed, the window is still cracked, and the outside light doesn’t work…but the roof is fixed. Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went. It’s a new year…and I’ve binge watched a … More New Beginnings

Message to Self: Stop Complaining. Start Doing.

Time passes so quickly. April 2nd was my last post. 19 days ago…and here I thought it was at most 2 weeks…but it is two days shy of three. I’ve been Overtired. Overwhelmed. Overextended. What does this lead to? Neglecting things like my email that is nearing 1,000 messages unread…writing, exercising, and eating healthy. I … More Message to Self: Stop Complaining. Start Doing.