I’ve benched myself from running. It’s been a struggle for years now. I try and try. Only to get sick or have to take time off because of a health reason or responsibility. It became more of a stress beating myself up about not running. I was frustrated and mad all the time about it. … More Benched

Message to Self: Stop Complaining. Start Doing.

Time passes so quickly. April 2nd was my last post. 19 days ago…and here I thought it was at most 2 weeks…but it is two days shy of three. I’ve been Overtired. Overwhelmed. Overextended. What does this lead to? Neglecting things like my email that is nearing 1,000 messages unread…writing, exercising, and eating healthy. I … More Message to Self: Stop Complaining. Start Doing.

Nap, Run, Reset

I started off this morning in a pretty bad state. The mood became progressively worse as the morning went on. I had those big emotional surges – where I thought I just cannot stand this world anymore. I hate my life. This sucks. This is not the way I want to live my life. I … More Nap, Run, Reset